Sounds Special makes high quality digital recordings of choirs, soloists and ensembles.

Jeremy Birchall has a wealth of experience in location recording and CD production.

Jeremy Birchall

Jeremy Birchall - Music Producer and Sound Engineer

  • Professional career as a BBC sound engineer and producer
  • Since 1991 has produced CDs for record companies and individual artists alongside his professional solo and ensemble singing career
  • Making over 250 CDs as a singer with international conductors means that he can offer a lifetime's experience to musical directors, choirs, ensembles and soloists
  • Musical director, arranger, pianist and organist (BA Hons (music), ARCO, ARCM)
  • Wide-ranging post-production skills in editing, mixing and mastering

CD Projects Include

  • Church choirs: Westminster Abbey, St Margaret's Westminster, St Paul's Knightsbridge, Reigate St Mary's, The Junior Choir of St Luke's, Battersea
  • Professional ensembles: Opus Anglicanum, Cappella Nova (5 star review), The Shout, The Demon Barbers (Prize-winning CD), Perunika Trio (Bulgarian), Yantra (World music fusion), Opera UK, Mosaic Voices, Orlando Gough 'Bakkhai' ensemble, Mary Cohen Ensemble, Michael Solomon Williams vocal ensemble, Avromi Freilich (Jewish Cantor and choir)
  • Amateur choirs: Sherborne Chamber Choir, Imperial Male Voice Choir, In Ecclesia
  • Solo artistes: Dan Norman, Andrew Burden, Elizabeth Weisberg, James Birchall, Christina Birchall-Sampson, Helen Miles, Andrew Friedhoff, Sarah Flower, Alain Judd, Claire Pendleton, Gary Coward, James Scarlett, Heidi Jost (soloists) Freddy De Rivaz, Richard Birchall, Alexander Bradford (choirboys), Heather Abernethy, Katriona Taylor, Frances Jellard (musical theatre and jazz), Joya Logan, Simon Davies and Amanda Dean (CDs for children), Peter Krijgsman (Singer/Songwriter), Eugenia Georgieva (Bulgarian folk)
  • Special projects: Multitrack tape for John Tavener's 'Theophany' (Bournemouth SO/Hickox)
  • Many weddings and memorial services