Things To Consider

You can offset, and eventually recover, the cost of high quality recordings by selling at performances and to friends. Some groups have even generated cash flow by the pre-ordering of CDs. I'm happy to record any length of material - you don't necessarily need to record 60 minutes of music. This can reduce the recording costs.

Jeremy says…

I always enjoy the challenge of location recording because every project is different. Choosing the right microphones and putting them in the best place is critical. It depends as much on the acoustics of the building and the logistics of the performing space as the number of performers, the scoring and the style of music they're performing.

I love working with conductors and performers to get the best possible results. Whether the musicians are professional or amateur, I always offer friendly musical feedback and encouragement.

Recordings of live performances can capture the occasion, but several conductors have told me that they preferred to make a fully produced and edited CD because they wanted a polished performance they would be proud of, which could be listened to again and again.

Many singers have spoken to me at the end of sessions and said that, although it was hard work, they enjoyed themselves and learnt something new.

Sounds Special is now based in West Somerset and SW London but I've made CDs with choirs, soloists and vocal ensembles all over the UK.

Guideline Recording Prices

Full CD production service: £40/hour (+2hrs for each set up) for location recording and £35/hour for post-production editing and mastering.

This service includes:

  • Advice on organisation of recording
  • Advice on recording venue, if required
  • Digital location recording
  • Experienced musical advice to get the best results
  • Full digital editing with listening CD of first and second edits
  • Compilation and supply of master CD

CD Copying

Good value CD copying and printing contacts supplied, if required

James O'Donnell (Organist of Westminster Abbey) with members of the Choir, recorded by Sounds Special in 2003James O'Donnell (Organist of Westminster Abbey) with members of the Choir, recorded by Sounds Special in 2003